A Legend going Off-Road

Client: BMW Motorrad
Location: Amsterdam, Taets Art and Event Park
Date: September 2019
Services: Event Production

Although signs of the times are having it for the combustion engine, the motorcycle customizer scene still loves it with unyielding passion.
And also, as an antagonism to our world dedicated to digitization, the authenticity, the handmade and handcrafted, the traditional and genuine. Pure&Crafted is a festival for just that pure&crafted lifestyle relating to motorcyles, music and fashion.
After 3 years in Berlin and one year “on the road”, we’ve been asked to help and bring the format on the road, to Amsterdam, with 2000 enthusiastic visitors, Club Night, Wheels Area, General Store, Wall of Death, Rock and Punkrock, Kids Area und Food Court – a very contemporary event.

Photos © Vanessa Blankenagel, Jörg Künstle, Coen van Tartwijk