What’s the News Mr. Bischoff?

Client: DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Location: Berlin, DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Date: October 2019
Services: Event Production

News crackle upon us every day. They shine, smell, taste, feel – and sound.
Even for the automotive industry it’s not just about optimizing familiar mobility concepts any longer. Rather, they are facing entirely new scenarios. Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, Electromobility – the framework conditions are being re-defined and provide numerous challenges – and chances.
In front of a small but fine audience, Klaus Bischoff, Chief Designer at VW and his team talk about how Volkswagen incorporates these new impulses. On the occasion of the annual Festival of Lights in Berlin, the major concern for him and his fascinating guests are the news regarding VW light design.

Photos © Kai-Uwe Knoth