Symphony of Now

Client: Audi City Berlin
Location: Berlin, Former Stummfilmkino Delphi
Date: February 2018
Services: Idea, Concept and Execution

Audi Zeitgeist Projects are experiments. They want to kick off a process, be the platform where sparks of something new can fly and a strictly limited circle of influential guests become witnesses and messengers. Artists of various genres are invited and encouraged to undertake a joint work in a truly unique setting, and lead it to its first and only performance.
In its third edition Audi Zeitgeist Projects presents the feature-length film Symphony of Now, a range of urban panoramas, personal ciphers and nighttime stories unfold under the guidance of director Johannes Schaff. Berlin moments were crystalized into fragments for a kaleidoscope of nighttime Berlin, creating a cinematic tribute to this moment of the metropolis.
Its aural backbone was provided by a score curated by Innervisions’ Frank Wiedemann, with kindred Berlin musicians spanning several eras: Samon Kawamura, Alex.Do, Gudrun Gut, Thomas Fehlmann, Modeselektor and Hans-Joachim Roedelius.
The experiment reached its critical moment when all components came together and reacted with each other on February 14th 2018 at the former Stummfilmkino Delphi.

Photos © Marcus Zumbansen