Sense the Future

Client: Audi
Location: Munich, Audi Werksviertel
Date: December 2019
Services: Concept Cooperation (Full Event Production by BB onsite)

Exciting times for the entire automotive industry. Autonomous Driving, Shared Mobility, Electromobility – the framework conditions are being re-defined and offer numerous challenges and chances. Great times for Audi, whose essential brand promise – striving for technological advancement – exactly reflects the attitude that matters most right now.

But where does technological advancement originate today? No longer within the traditional industries and at their central facilities – today disruptive ideas that may change the world arise from the brains of many clever people all over the world, for entirely diverse disciplines and sujets, across all genres disciplines. The industry learns from culture, gastronomy gets inspired by science, research orientates towards the beat of music. And all that happens especially in cities like Munich and at locations like the “Werksviertel”. Here, Audi has a touchpoint for many new ideas and towards the progressive thinkers behind those ideas.

With combined forces and together with the Audi “settlers” at “Werksviertel”, we’ve kicked-off the co-operation and opening of this fascinating space with an exciting panel with inspiring future perspectives and a breathtaking concert by Martin Kohlstedt.

Photos © Stefan Bösl