Donate Our Money!

In keeping with the good DREINULL Christmas tradition, you, this year once again, have the opportunity to spend our money for something truly meaningful.
Our friend, personified club legend and vegetarian star chef Heinz “Cookie” Gindullis, is working on many different initiatives with the “Children’s Village Mbigili”, www.charityat.com , in Tanzania, where children are offered a roof over their heads and are holistically supported and cared for.
We want to use our Christmas fund to support him, instead of just sending out mundane Christmas cards.

And the best part: the more you donate, the more we put on top – so, donate our money!

€500 in donations, 
DREINULL increases by €1.000
€1.000 in donations, DREINULL increases by €1.500
€1.500 in donations, DREINULL increases by €2.500

We did it – With your help, we met all three donation thresholds and collected a grand total of €4.000!
Thanks to everyone who participated and donated!

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