An Arena for Fighting Stereotypes with Entertainment

Client: DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Location: Berlin, DRIVE. Volkswagen Group Forum
Date: Bi-monthly since 2017
Services: Idea, Show Concept and Execution

Cliché Bashing pretty much is what it sounds like: our two hosts Volker Wieprecht and Sissy Metzschke let opposing clichés collide, gleefully picking apart platitudes for and with a live audience and a changing variety of guests.
An interactive toolset keeps the discussions lively, and our editorial team keeps it all factually grounded.
This event format is for everyone who is up for a mentally spicy evening, with cracks, digs and stingers!

#1 Beef with Veggies: Carnivore vs. Herbivore
#2 (Un) Social Media: Analog vs. Digital
#3 Raising Children: Strict Rules vs. Free-Range Parenting
#4 Don’t Believe the (Brand) Hype: Hype Beasts vs. No Logo
#5 I’m (Im) Perfect: Take it easy Girl vs. Multitasking Women
#6 Artificial Intelligence: Man vs. Machine

Photos © Volkswagen AG