Tech inspires Fashion inspires Tech

Client: Audi
Location: Berlin, Audi City Berlin
Date: July 2015
Services: Idea, Concept and Execution

If you are looking to attract the attention of the international fashion and tech media, you could do worse than give the fashion-tech artist Anouk Wipprecht carte blanche. Not only will you receive a sparkling, blinking inkling of what the combination of sartorial and technological gems can become, you also get mentioned in outlets like WIRED, BOLD and MAKE:Magazine.

Created for the Audi A4 and presented at super-high-tech Audi City Berlin, Anouk Wipprecht’s initial presentation was a powerful BFW Gesamtkunstwerk that kicked off a campaign that keeps on taking her to new venues and greater heights of exposure.

Photos © Ralf Rühmeier
Video © Philipp Dreißig – mitte30