Science & Art & Sports & Fashion

Client: adidas Group
Location: Valencia, Feria Valencia and City of the Arts and Sciences
Date: October 2018
Services: Idea, Show Concept and Execution

There could hardly be a better venue to celebrate adidas’ and Rebook’s newest achievements than Feria Valencia.
After all, the 1500 participants had just spent four days, a spectacular laser opening, 14 breakout presentations and the event’s Open Source Arena, to unpack and explore the art and science of sports tech and fashion, digging into all the upcoming styles and products that adidas and Reebok are bringing to Europe next year.
So wrapping it up in Europe’s mothership of futuristic architecture, Valencia’s City of the Arts and Sciences, with the pool-party-turns-deep-dive Blur felt just about perfect.

Photos © Michal Adamovský