24 hours of Flow

For 365 days of self

Client: adidas Group
Location: Berlin, adidas RUNBASE
Date: November 2017
Services: Idea, Concept and Execution

Life can be a staccato of not-so-pleasant surprises. Your morning train runs late after the shower ran cold before your day’s schedule turns into a hot mess. Small stuff you can’t control, what can you do? Flow is what.

In November of 2017, 40 women had the privilege to gather at adidas RUNBASE in Berlin for 24 hours – for a day and night of education in Jedi mind tricks for the modern girl. With lessons in fitness, mindfulness and food prep, meditation expert Alexandra Liakou, biohacking expert Max Gotzler and Curse introduced us to their vast toolbox of Flow control. The ladies were put to bed with spiritual musical entertainment by Curse and multi-instrumentalist Naf Tali and his heartwarming Halo sounds.

Photos © Ruben Elstner