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Vamos a Valencia!

Client: adidas Group
Location: Valencia, Feria Valencia and Cartuja de Ara Christi
Date: October 2017
Services: Idea, Concept and Execution

Adidas’ and Reebok’s recurring future fest went to Valencia to prepare for the FW18 season. A diverse crowd of 1600 descended on the Feria trade show complex in Valencia, for their twice-a-year blizzard of information and experiences revolving around all the new goodies that adidas has in store for Europe.
Dividing the four floors into 12 different areas, the whole gamut of temporary architecture helped turn the onslaught of communication and info into a series of individualized experience for each guest. The most colorful and exhilarating of which was the Cloister Party with a luscious outdoor lounge and a dancefloor in an old chapel. Put your hands together! Amen!

Photos © Michal Adamovský